Are Indoor Storage Units in Brenham, TX For You?

Looking for the best way to store your items to make sure they stay in great condition? Depending on what you are storing, you may need the help of our indoor storage units in Brenham, TX. Some items are particularly vulnerable to weather and changes in temperature and humidity. Learn more about what needs special attention when you are comparing indoor storage units to outdoor options.

Imagine the rising temperatures in Texas – not all of your belongings can take the heat! Paper can yellow, fade, and even become unreadable over time. Our extreme temperature can cause items to crack or warp – possibly until it’s unsightly or unusable. Here’s a few items that should be kept in indoor storage units:
• Books and other important paperwork
• Pictures
• Wooden or leather furniture
• Metal appliances
• Sporting equipment
• Mattresses and bedding
Our indoor storage units in Brenham, TX provide climate control and humidity control. This way, these fragile items aren’t exposed to the extreme temperatures and humidity that can damage them.

Still unsure if one of your items needs the attention of an indoor storage unit? Feel free to talk to one of our managers! We have on-site managers available during all business hours to help you with your questions. AAA Self Storage is here with indoor storage units in Brenham, TX to help you store your belongings.