Indoor Storage Units: Are They For You?

So you’ve decided to declutter your home and store your belongings, but is an indoor storage unit right for you? At AAA Hockley, we have two different types of indoor storage units – our traditional storage solutions and our climate controlled storage. Both units are closed off from the elements, but they offer different benefits for your belongings.

Traditional Storage Solutions

These indoor storage units do not have drive-up access like outdoor storage units. While they are not as large as outdoor storage solutions, you don’t have to worry about severe weather damaging your belongings. A traditional storage unit will provide added security that all indoor storage units have. Feel free to store valuable, rarely used, or seasonal items in your traditional storage unit.

Climate Controlled Storage

While climate controlled storage has all the benefits of indoor storage units, this storage solution also has the added benefit of temperature control. For more delicate items, consider climate controlled storage. Furniture, important documents, and other such delicate items are perfect for climate controlled units.

When you are deciding on an indoor storage unit, consider what you are storing. Based on the needed security and delicate nature of the item, you may prefer outdoor storage or a climate controlled unit! Sit down with the managers at AAA Hockley to determine the best storage solutions for your belongings.