When You Need Climate Controlled Storage (And When You Don’t)

If you’ve got lots of stuff, and no more room, then you are likely joining the millions of Americans who are considering self-storage. Of course, when choosing a storage unit, there is a lot to consider. Don’t stop at location, company, or unit size! One of the most important aspects impacting the protection of your property is whether or not to use climate controlled storage.

Climate controlled storage, or air conditioned storage units, are temperature and humidity controlled. This feature helps prevent damage to your items when they are stored long term. But, which items of yours need climate control, and which are good without?

Considering the insanely high temperatures we experience in Dripping Springs, TX, that heat can really damage your items. These extreme temperatures can really hurt wood, leather, pictures, or videos. It can cause paper to yellow and become unreadable. The most popular stored items that can be damaged by weather are: bedding and mattresses, sports equipment, metal appliances, and books.

Climate controlled storage units aren’t all air conditioned. Plus, they may not have security in place for humidity control either. It’s important to ask about what a storage facility considers "climate controlled". High humidity can be just as damaging as high heat. Wooden furniture can warp. Leather can crack. Electronics, artwork, and musical instruments can also be damaged by excess moisture.

When looking for a storage solution that fits your needs, consider climate controlled and air conditioned storage options. Your valuable, historical, expensive, or irreplaceable items will thank you later.