Move into a Storage Unit the Simple Way

The thought of moving is enough to make anyone cringe. We get it. Moving is a pain. That’s why the AAA team in Dripping Springs has made it simple for you to move into or out of your storage unit! To make your move simple, you can easily reserve a moving truck on-location. Plus, you can pick up all of your moving supplies right here too! To make your move into a unit simple, just follow our steps.

1. Pick Up Your Moving Supplies and Start Packing!

To begin, purchase your boxes, tape, and other moving supplies at our AAA location. You’ll already be there reserving your unit, so make it one trip! Then, it’s time to start packing. Make sure to clean and package your items carefully for storage. When you spend more time packaging your items properly, they’ll remain in better shape in storage.

For important documents or clothing, you may want to consider water-tight or airtight boxes. Alternatively, consider elevating them and getting your boxes off of the floor in a shelf.

2. Reserve Your Moving Truck

AAA Self Storage provides moving truck rentals on-site as well. The next step in your storage unit move is to reserve your moving truck. Theserentals are especially useful if you are transporting furniture or other large items that don’t easily fit into cars or trucks. Plus, a moving truck adds extra protection to your belongings when compared to the bed of a truck.

3. Move In!

All of your preparation will make your move easier. Our ground level, drive-up accessible storage units mean you can drive your rented moving truck right up to your unit. Then, if boxes packed too heavy begin to tear, or you realize you need more boxes, remember that purchasing additional moving supplies on-site is an option. Take care to label boxes and their location as you place them into storage. It’ll make finding your items later much more simple.