Moving Supplies: What Your Self Storage Unit Needs

Having the right supplies can make all the difference in your moving or self storage process. Here are some of the basic moving supplies that you might need for the procedure:

If you have small to medium sized items, moving boxes are a great way to store them. It has the added benefit of having an extra layer protecting it from outside elements. Moving boxes also make it easier to organize everything in your home or self storage unit. Of course once you have moving boxes, you will need the tape to them closed. There are also several different kinds of tape to choose from. For example, there is brown paper tape and poly tape. If moving boxes are on your moving supplies list, make sure to add tape too. Packing something delicate? Don’t forget to include something such as cushion foam and/or packing peanuts on your moving supplies list. Packing peanuts can be helpful to put in your moving boxes if you have lots of loose items.

If your self storage needs include a mattress, then you will probably want some sort of mattress cover. These can protect your mattress from the elements so that it comes out as good as when you put it in. You may even want to get a mattress cover with handles for easy carrying. There are also many specialty kits you can get for your self storage unit. For example, there are complete moving supply kits for things such as dishes and pictures. If you have items such as these that you want to stay in the same condition through the process, these specialty kits might be worth the look.

Take the time to consider what it is that you need to pack, and choose your moving supplies. Small and not delicate items might be as simple as just needing moving boxes and tape, but other items might need more supplies to keep safe. Make a list of things you plan to put in your self storage unit and choose accordingly.