Storage Units: How To Get The Most From Your Space

Before you reserve your storage unit, now is the best time to learn a few tips from storage pros on how to get the most space and functionality out of your unit- no matter the size. If you are spending the cash to store your extra stuff, make sure all of your belongings are as safe in storage as they are at your house.

Tip #1: Consider The Company Carefully.
You should select a storage company with great care! After all, they are responsible for keeping all of your precious possessions safe. It’s always best to consider multiple locations to get the best price. However, higher prices could indicate higher security or a more reputable company. AAA Self Storage is a proud member of the Texas Self Storage Association- which means we’re held to high business standards and ethics. Always consider these qualifications too! 

Tip #2: Don’t Just Pick The Lowest Price.
Although pricing is a very important figure in your decision, there are many other factors in your decision as well! It will be much more convenient if you choose a facility that is near your home or office. Also, check the hours of operation and access- you want to make sure you can get to your possessions when you need to! Lastly, look at the security features to find a level you are most comfortable with. 

Tip #3: Think About The Heat.
AAA knows it can get plenty hot and cold in Texas! Drastic weather changes could affect your stored items. Make sure you know what you plan to be storing- and in what season- so you can consider the effects of the weather. If temperature is a problem, AAA offers climate controlled units that will keep your belongings at a designated temperature. 

Tip #4: Check For Storage Insurance. 
Many storage units, like AAA, offer tenant insurance from their own company. However, you could also consider adding your storage unit to your personal insurance. Either way, if your belongings are important enough to store, make sure they are insured and protected against potential unpredictable weather changes.