Storage Units in Hockley, TX

Thinking about looking at storage units near you lately in order to free up some extra space around your home? Then come in to AAA Self Storage today to look at the different storage solutions we have to offer. Storage units can provide the same storage opportunities at your home, and with units that are close to home they can offer close to the same convenience, too.

Indoor storage units provide a similar environment to you’re the one in your home in terms of the type of services it provides. These storage units are a great option for storing those delicate items that you want to keep, but do not need sitting around the house all year round. Some items need extra care in terms of their storage solutions. Indoor storage units have air conditioning. This means that they can keep these items safe and in the same condition in which they were first placed in storage.

So then what sorts of items are best suited for indoor storage units? Things such as important valuables are items that require special storage solutions. This might include artwork, collector’s items, and photos. Also furniture that has wood or leather is susceptible to be ruined by humidity. These items are delicate in nature, so indoor storage units are best if you want to ensure they come out the way they went in.

Any items that you would be comfortable keeping in your garage is probably alright to be stored in outdoor storage units. This a good rule of thumb to think about when deciding whether you need an indoor storage unit or an outdoor storage unit. Either way, AAA Self Storage has the storage solutions for the needs of your space needs.