What Belongs in Climate Controlled Storage

When you pack up your items for storage, you want to make sure they are safe from theft. But, do you stop to think about protecting your items from the weather? Traditional storage units, although helpful for many items, are not protected against weather changes. Our special climate controlled storage units will keep your items at a set temperature and block out the cold and heat to better protect your items. But, what exactly needs a climate controlled storage unit?

1.Wooden Furniture
A major use of climate controlled storage units is to keep furniture safe from damage during moves! Wooden furniture needs to be kept in a climate controlled unit. If not, excess moisture could cause your wooden pieces to crack, warp, or rot over time. Climate controlled storage units help regulate the temperature in a unit, which shuts out humidity and prevents moisture damage to your wooden pieces. 

2.Leather Furniture
Leather furniture is another item that is sensitive to drastic weather changes- and we know we get plenty of those changes in Texas! Similar to wood, leather pieces can de damaged by excess moisture from humidity. A climate controlled storage unit will protect your leather from discoloration and mildew. 

3.Large and Small Appliances 
To prep your large and small appliances for storage, you should thoroughly clean and dry the appliances. And remove all the water hoses! However, even with these precautions, your appliances could still be damaged from mold and mildew due to humidity and excess moisture. A climate controlled storage unit will keep your refrigerators, washers, dryers, stoves, or microwaves safe from the elements.

4.Musical Instruments
Musical instruments of all kinds are especially delicate and need extra care when being placed into storage. Wooden instruments can be damaged similarly to wooden furniture. Brass instruments, although usually unaffected by weather in the short-term, can be damaged by extreme weather in the long-term. Excessive temperatures could accelerate the breakdown of important parts inside your instrument. The strings on string instruments are especially sensitive to temperature changes- they can snap with sudden changes! No matter the length of time in storage, a climate controlled unit is a must!

Clothing, and cloth in general, are susceptible to mold and mildew damage- which could easily occur in a unit without climate control. Humidity control can be the difference between the preservation and the destruction of your winter sweaters, summer clothes, or even a wedding dress! Keep your wardrobe safe with climate control!

6.Important Paper Documents and Photos
With important files, even in boxes and cabinets, humidity can easily cause discoloration, fading, and even dissolve them! Your photos could be melted, stuck together, or deteriorated in extreme heat- like you’ll often find in Texas. Climate controlled units are a must for these items too!